Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NOTD: Essie's "Sole Mate"

hello beauties,

enjoying the fall season so far?

I am indeed enjoying the crisp, fresh air along with all of fall's beautiful warm colours.

As one of fall's seemingly most popular colours, I thought I would give a shade of burgundy a shot.

A lot of ladies are using Essie's "Bahama Mama". I am wanting to purchase that shade of polish, but to change things up I used a different shade of burgundy/plum.

Essie's "Sole Mate" is a darker shade of burgundy/plum. I find it to be a beautiful fall colour - a very deep and warm colour.

Yet, another Essie nail polish that had great consistency and a nice shine to it. With two coats of this polish, my nails were completely opaque.

Will definitely be painting my nails with this one again throughout the cooler seasons.

What is your current favourite fall polish?

Hope you ladies are all having a nice week!


Sunday, 23 September 2012

sunday sephora haul. :D

Hello lovelies,

Haven't been in much of a blogging mood this past week. Suffering from an awful cold. Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I caught the worst of what is going around here. Just starting to feel better today, thank goodness!

Since I felt that I could move once again, I decided to take myself to the shopping mall. Wasn't particularly aimed at any specific store, just glad to get out for a bit, socialize with people - enjoy the gorgeous fall air.

Well, where do I find myself???

That's right!! Couldn't be anywhere else but the Sephora! Just can't seem to help myself - my body leads me to the make up!

Picked up a few things, including that beautiful eyeliner I posted above.

I don't usually wear anything but black liner. I have all sorts of eyeliners, but they all happen to be in boring black. So, I decided to kick into the fall season with buying a few eyeliners that weren't so, well, black. Lol.

The first eyeliner that caught my eye was Sephora's - waterproof, smoky, creme eyeliner in the shade "Made in Manhattan". I have never tried any of Sephora's creme eyeliners. They aren't too, too expensive either. A lot more than what you would pay for something you could pick in a drugstore, but it is well worth the extra approximately seven dollars.

The consistency of this eyeliner is wonderful! So creamy, so pigmented, and has a beautiful, subtle shimmer to it. The product seems to last all day on my lid as well, which is particularly pleasing because I find it hard to find liners that will stay on my lid all day without a little bit of smudging or fading.

When I was looking through the shades of Sephora's creme eyeliners, I was a little bit skeptical to buy something that was not black liner. However, I pushed myself to make the change in order to feel not so boring, lol...and let me tell you, I am so happy with my decision. The shade of this colour is so beautiful, it is not too far from the black shade either - which is perfect because I didn't want to make a dramatic change. It is a taupe-y colour with a beautiful deep blue undertone. The picture really does not do it any justice. Will do a make up look with this liner soon, and will show you guys.

Second liner I bought, was not too far off black either (really wanted to stay in my comfort zone, I guess, haha).

Oh, whatta you know? Brown! I had never bought any of the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencils before, I have heard such good things about these eye pencils though. Picked it up in the shade "Demolition". Tried it, and it did not prove anyone incorrect. Perfectly pigmented and super easy to glide on (as the name says). It looks good as a very opaque line, or one that is smudged out as well. Very pleased with this product.

AND as it wasn't far from my birthday, I was able to obtain my free birthday gift from Sephora too!

I received a cute little package of Fresh's "Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo". It included the shades "Sugar Rose Fresh", which is a tinted pinkish, reddish lip balm, and "Sugar Fresh", which has no tint to it whatsoever.

I did not swatch these, simply because they are not really noticeably pigmented. They do provide a very moisturizing feel to your lips as well as a small gloss. The "Sugar Rose Fresh" is tinted a very subtle shade of light red.

For a free birthday gift, I am happy to have them. They are compact, so I can put them into the purse I'm using at school. They are also easy to use without a mirror, therefore, throughout the dryer, colder months, my lips will be chap free - if I use these often enough!

Phew, that seemed like a very long post, lol. Thanks for reading through!

What are some products you decided to buy in order to change up your make up collection?
How do you feel about the Fresh products (if you've tried them before)?

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Yet, another Lush bath!


Fall has certainly begun in Canada. Leaves haven't changed colour yet, but the temperature outside has changed quite a bit. Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants now. As much as I love the warm weather, beaches, tans, and bright colours - I'm ready for the fall - cute boots, warmer + darker colours, and best of all, more baths (which means more Lush products)!

I broke the fall season in with one of my favourite scented bath bombs from Lush - "Vanilla Fountain". 

I love taking a bath with this bomb! The scent it so relaxing! If you are a vanilla fan, you will definitely like this bath bomb! Your nose will be infused with the scent of a luxurious, delicious, vanilla-y treat! 

Lush says "...indulging in a Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb creates an eruption of fragrance like you were bathing in a bowl of creme caramel, and makes your sweet tooth tingle. It also has the added benefit of moisturizing too, so your skin will feel great after you depart the vanilla waters". 

I will end this post by saying their description is bang on - I love how this bath bomb deeply moisturizes my skin and leaves a delicious vanilla scent on it as well. 

What is your favourite Lush product (annnnything out of the Lush store)!

happy tuesday!


Sunday, 9 September 2012

NOTD: Essie 'Merino Cool'

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Another Sunday night (or should I say Monday morning) where I can't sleep. So taking this bit of time to write a blog post about the nail polish I decided to wear for the weekend/second week of school. It's a perfect colour for fall, wore it a lot during this season last year!

As I've said before, Essie's polish never lets me down. Its consistency is very good and I only needed two coats to make this look completely opaque. The polish was easy to put on my nails, therefore, making my job a lot easier! :)

The colour of this polish is a greyish, purple - very mauve. It's the perfect colour to help ease off the bright, exciting colours of the summer.

I am very pleased with the finished look - shiny, no air bubbles, and best of all - no streaks! :)

Another Essie polish that has lived up to the task at hand! :P

Here's to hoping this manicure will last me the whole week!

What is your favourite Essie shade? What nail polishes do you enjoy to wear throughout the fall?

Hope you all have a great Monday - ew Monday. :P


Saturday, 8 September 2012

loving this eye shadow!

Hello all,

Hope the weather is better where you guys are, than what is going on here - cold and pouring rain all day! Which makes driving around a little bit difficult, sooo going a little bit stir crazy in my house right now! However, going to have myself a nice Lush bath later on :)

Today I am posting about my most favourite eye shadow colour right now. I think it is perfect for fall too! Always been a fan of M.A.C. products, especially their very highly pigmented eye shadows! The shade I have been using is not a new item to the M.A.C. line of eye shadows...but perhaps a very well known one?

M.A.C.'s eye shadow 'Woodwinked' is my go to eye shadow right now. You can make it look lighter if you dab a bit on the eye lid and then blend it out, OR you can make it very opaque by using more of the product. The colour is very bronzy and kind of reminds me of fall leaves a bit...haha. I absolutely love its shimmer and the way it makes my eyes POP! It perfects my back to school look as well. Overall, I think this is a perfect eye colour to wear throughout the fall and winter months :).

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday!

What is your favourite M.A.C. eye shadow colour??


Saturday, 1 September 2012

NOTD: O.P.I. "Your Villa Or Mine"

Hello all,

The long weekend of September is here, along with my birthday celebrations! Since my birthday is coming up, my Mom decided to treat me to a pedicure and manicure. I didn't take any pictures of my toes, but I fell in love with the polish on my nails! Of course, I chose an O.P.I. nail polish - "Your Villa Or Mine" - a very pretty coral-y, pink colour, with undertones of a gold shimmer. It is beautiful!

I loved the colour so much, I ended up buying it. This way, if the manicure chips, I will be able to touch it up. The polish is very opaque and looked like it was very smooth to apply. So far I haven't gotten many chips, just a couple tiny nicks that I need to touch up. Overall, very pleased with this polish! :)

What is your favourite O.P.I. shade?

Have a very good long weekend everyone!